Assorted Thoughts on OW

Some thoughts from people in my LDS blog feed:

Mormon Momma:

Two things. First, I am not an Ordain Woman supporter. Never was. I don’t agree that women need the priesthood in order to make great strides in having a more meaningful presence in the church. I don’t support some of the methods OW uses to be heard.

Second, no, I am not okay. I am incredibly sad about this turn of events.


...I don’t know whether Kate Kelly is a modern day Joan of Arc, or a sophisticated apostate who is seeking a personal agenda without caring what she may damage along the way. I don’t know if Brother Harrison is a modern day Solomon (before the bad part), or a savage misogynist. What I do know is that she is my sister, and I am to love her, even if she’s wrong. He is also my brother, and I am to love him, even if he’s wrong.

That is why everyone is wrong. We presume to know the hearts and minds of the players in this modern Mormon drama, and take upon ourselves the mantle of judge, and in so doing we tend to overlook the possible culpability of the side we support. Perhaps we should overlook everyone’s culpability and just do what we know we are supposed to do.

LampLight Journal:

When it comes to spokesmen, the real spokesmen is The President of the Church isn't it? It's his position and calling to declare doctrine, and he is sustained as Prophet, Seer, and Revelator for our day. Yet oddly I have heard far far more from Sr. Public Relations' Ally Isom, and Church Spokesperson Jessica Moody. Am I to understand since these people speak for the Church, that they speak for the Lord? I find it odd I"m even having to ask that question. Why does a Church need a PR department when it claims to have a Prophet?

And the very irreverent (forgive me).

Mormonism Uncorrelated:

God does not conceal his power, but we conceal our lack of power by performances and rationalizations: magic tricks designed to use belief to stand in for power.

If someone has The Power, the real stuff (which I believe exists), it is pretty clearly explained in accepted LDS scripture what they can, and sometimes, are doing with that power. And ceremonies and administration duties are not the most interesting of these abilities.

Finally, not from a blog, but I ran across this article referenced in some comments.

Hugh Nibley:

Who can deny such a power to another? No man. Who can bestow it on another? No man. We like to think that the Church is divided into those who have it and those who don’t have it; but it is the purest folly to assume that we can tell who has it and who does not. God alone knows who is righteous and how righteous; yet "the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven," and those "cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principle of righteousness" (D&C 121:35ff). The result is, that if there is anyone who really holds the priesthood, no one is in a position to say who it is--only by the power to command the spirits and the elements is such a gift apparent. But as far as commanding or directing other people, there every man must decide for himself.

One valuable hint the Lord has given us, however, namely the assurance that of all those who "hold" the priesthood almost none really possess it.