Blessings vs Prayers

One of the things I continue to puzzle over is the nature of priesthood. Joseph Smith taught there are varying degrees of priesthood, though all priesthood is what can be called Melchizedek.

Denver Snuffer has taught more about priesthood in in his last lecture for the year, saying that priesthood is more correctly thought of as a brotherhood.

Whatever the case, what is relevant to ME is what kind of ability do I have to call down the blessings of heaven when I need to.

Last night, my daughter was up late vomiting and generally miserable. We both slept on couches in our family room so that I would be close by to help. She was extremely thirsty, but even the tiniest sip of water would come back up within 10 minutes.

Around 1am, I prayed with her that her sickness would soon subside and she would be able to sleep. Her vomiting continued, so despite being alone, and not wanting to call someone in the wee hours of the morning, I both annointed and gave a blessing of healing at around 3am. She immediately asked for a drink, but I was hesitant and wanted her to wait a little longer. She taught me a good lesson by answering with faith that she would keep it down because of the blessing.

She didn't throw up any more after the blessing.

I don't yet know exactly what my priesthood means, or what portion I have, but I am grateful for an ordinance of blessing the sick which gave relief to someone I love.