Priesthood and Public Relations

This post by Denver Snuffer is a thought provoking read.

At the outset, I want to make clear that I accept and am grateful for the 1978 revelation that President Kimball received. I was privileged to be in a religion class at BYU taught by Joseph Fielding McConkie in which he read the private account of that revelation, written by his father. I wish I could get a copy. Despite the lack of release of the actual revelation (we only have the announcement that it happened), I accept that it was given as such.

In addition to the the things brought up in that article, I also wonder how teachings like the calling and election of the House of Israel, Patriarchal Priesthood passed down in family lines, etc. will be understood. Was it wrong that priesthood was restricted to the tribe (race?) of Levi in the Old Testament?

Perhaps restricting the covenant to the family of a man named Jacob would not be seen as racism in the beginning, but give it a few years and a few generations and what would the restriction be called?

God is no respector of persons, and has, as I understand things, made allowance for adoption, but you still have to be in the "right" family in the end.

I just wonder if there might not have been a better way to put things that wouldn't have blown so much doctrine and scripture out of the water. I don't think public relations cares much for such things, though. Better to garner the praise of the world.

These thoughts from Upward Thought blog are also worth considering.