Vain and Trifling

This quote has been troubling today

How vain and trifling have been our spirits, our conferences, our councils, our meetings, our private as well as public conversations—too low, too mean, too vulgar, too condescending for the dignified characters of the called and chosen of God...

— Joseph Smith

As I said in yesterday's post, today's lesson that I taught in sunday school was based on "The Family: A Proclamation to the World."

I'm sure it is possible to do this subject justice, but I did not. I did get a few comments like, "good lesson," etc afterward, but I knew better.

I don't really find much doctrinal meat in that document, especially when you have to fill the lessons with so many disclaimers that in the end it hardly means anything. This proclamation is certainly a succinct representation of what the church currently teaches regarding the family, but it really isn't anything new. It is more a line in the sand, which I guess is important to demarcate.

Vain and trifling to spend 40 minutes reading through this document that everyone has heard a hundred times. I should have done a better job preparing, but I still don't know what I would have done differently.

In our ward, we are now done with this year's manual, which means I get to choose the topic in 2 weeks. At this point, I am going to teach something relating to the Lectures on Faith. A year studying the D&C should include that section excised from current scripture that is the reason for the "Doctrine" name in the D&C.